Building an innovation lab, not theatre

online roundtable ~ May 24th, 2022


May 24th, 2022, we organized a roundtable about Building an Innovation Lab, not Theatre. We showcased the Innovation Lab we designed and constructed for the Spaarne Gasthuis hospital group in The Netherlands. The co-founder and innovation lead of the Spaarne Labs (innovation) team attended to provide background from the hospital’s point of view.


We saved some time for questions and sharing experiences which we also used to run some polls with the roundtable attendees. The recording, vote and discussion results are available below.

online roundtable ~ May 24th, 2022

roundtable recording

Watch the entire roundtable session below!

Further reading

During the roundtable, several books came to the discussion that is worth reading about innovation labs. 


We used insights from “DRIVE” and “Build to Innovate” to build something that would intrinsically motivate people to go to the lab. 


And then, during the roundtable, we discussed how to measure the outcomes of innovation labs against the investment to set them up. Innovation Accounting provides some excellent proposals to measure innovation, and during the session, one of the participants shared the article “Ideas Are Not Enough. What’s Your Innovation ROI?”.

Download keynote

During the roundtable, we presented the goals, delivery and learnings from building an innovation lab. You can download the PDF below.

up next: tailored intrapreneurship learning toolbox

June 28th, we’ll host our next roundtable event on our Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox. Your custom applied learning methods to teach and enable autonomous intrapreneurs.


Over the past few years , we’ve been helping various corporates to setup their own training approach. And over the past year, we’ve also been supporting them with the design, production, assembly and delivering the physical toolboxes. On top of that, we can also provide the training and workshops directly to your colleagues. 


During the roundtable, we’ll explain the concept, provide some examples and open the floor for questions and discussion. Be sure to join because we have some gifts for those attending! 

WHEN: June 28th from 4pm to 5pm (CET)

WHERE: Online via FLOW[OS] Sessions

WHO: For innovation and leadership teams that want to enable their colleagues to innovate

WHY: To learn, be inspired, and receive your gift!

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