The 4P's of Innovation Management

online roundtable ~ february 22nd, 2022

February 22nd, we organized an online roundtable about the four P’s of Innovation Management. 

People, Program, Process and Place. 


When we look at innovation management, our experience and belief is that these four pillars need to be in place in order to create real value from your (people driven) innovation activities. 


Twelve innovation practitioners and experts joined the call and shared their experiences and insights that are available on this page. Or watch the recording of the event to get all details!

online roundtable ~ January 25th, 2022


We recorded the event allowing you to listen in and learn from the attendees themselves! During the event we discuss each P separately. After a brief introduction by host Roel de Vries, some stats were collected via polls after which we saw a lively discussion. Check it out for yourself.

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Based on the survey and attendee requests, we’ll run our “Foundation of Successful Innovation Management” training again. This is an ideal training for Innovation Managers that are fresh to the role and would like to learn how to get most out of their efforts, or more experienced ones that would like to level-up their innovation efforts.


We’d love to provide this as a fully catered offline event, but due to the global pandemic we’d first like to test the waters with you. Please use the below form to show your interest in this training (no obligations whatsoever) and indicate your preference for an on- or offline event. 

Offline training

2 days in Haarlem, The Netherlands

Tickets including materials, location, catering, and hotel discount

online training

Eight 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks


Tickets including materials and session recordings


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