online sharing between innovators!

Every month, on the last Tuesday of the month, we host a free roundtable event. Each time, we address a specific topic related to Innovation Management.

These events are highly interactive and attended by a diverse range of innovation management professionals. We’ve seen Innovation Managers, Researchers, Professors, Software Providers, Consultants, and so on.

These are NOT SALES EVENTS! The goal of these sessions is to foster new connections and an exchange of experiences, insights, tips, and so on. According to feedback, attendees leave with practical knowledge or at the very least some inspiration!

Following each roundtable, the recording and/or insights are shared below. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date on previous and upcoming events!

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Previous roundtables

The roundtables that we have so far organized are listed below. To view the recording or view the survey results, click the slide.