Idea and innovation management canvas ©

Including the SuCCeSS-key © 

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The Idea- & Innovation Management Canvas © is one of the most used frameworks at RiverStoneBlue. Our customers use it to properly prepare their online ideation campaigns, but it can actually be used for all kinds of ideation activities. We also use it as an educational tool and to explain what is about to happen when we execute online ideation for a customer [link naar pakket].


The Idea- & Innovation Management Canvas © includes the SuCCeSS-key and is a helpful tool to prepare ideation efforts. The SuCCeSS-key provides guidance to interview the person in need for ideas, and the rest of the canvas is used to prepare all activities in order to drive engagement, collaboration, and idea growth in order to eventually implement the most valuable solutions.

The SuCCeSS-key ©

  1. For people to participate in your ideation campaigns, there are two crucial aspects:

1. A thorough understanding of the question allowing them to submit valuable input

2. A firm belief in the follow-up to take ideas into reality


To integrate this into the campaign preparations, we’ve developed the SuCCeSS-key©  based on proven theories as well as real-life experiences.  


The head of the key addresses the Situation, Complication, and Challenge at hand and helps you set the stage and define the main question. The blade of the key is entirely about the Succession. Together, they allow you to write a definition that includes the required elements to make it understandable and trustworthy. It also guarantees you’re not just piling up ideas, but can make a real impact by realizing them.


The SuCCeSS-key comes with questions per section that innovation teams can use to interview the sponsor of an innovation campaign (this is the person behind the topic with a vested need in solutions, and the resources to make the most valuable ideas happen). 

THE idea- & innovation management canvas ©

  1. Once completed the SuCCeSS-key, it directly is the (embedded) starting point of the Campaign Canvas. The Canvas helps you prepare every single element of your campaign (e.g., The team, Moderation, Evaluation, Elaboration, Decision-making, and Communication).
Where the key is mainly focused on the goal of the campaign, the canvas describes the execution. The canvas is a living document that you should give a helicopter view of your campaign at any time.


The canvas is ideal to use in a workshop and use post-its to collaboratively plan your ideation campaign. But there’s also a Mural version for digital workshops. Checkout the below interactive canvas to get a better understanding of each section.

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Complete the below form to get the high-resolution A0 printable pdf AND access to the interactive Idea- & Innovation Management Canvas MURAL!