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Storytelling is a fantastic way to share and inspire! 


If you’re looking for an experienced and inspiring innovation speaker – look no further than Roel de Vries, founder and main consultant at RiverStoneBlue. Roel is one of the world’s leading authorities on business innovation and intrapreneurship. Roel has over ten years of experience assisting dozens of organizations in enabling their people to innovate.


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After being the head of innovation at the biggest cable company in the world, I went on to become an entrepreneur to help other leaders and organizations learn how to accelerate innovation and creativity. I focus on enabling employees to share and develop their innovative ideas and creating a culture of innovation. For both continuous improvement and incremental innovation, as well as disruptive innovation. 


I combine this hands-on knowledge from dozens of innovative businesses with innovation theories like Design Thinking and LeanStartup, to provide you with theory-backed presentations that are visually compelling and offer profoundly valuable lessons.

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Because of my practical experience and market knowledge, I can provide you with ample examples and share successes and failures from which you will benefit. I always use supportive and highly visual slides and videos, in addition to a healthy dose of humor and personal anecdotes, to keep everyone engaged throughout the presentation. This keeps my keynote speeches lively, interesting, and memorable for everyone.



I’ve advised business leaders on how to build innovative organizations and have advised the world’s leading businesses on creativity and innovation. Because of my understanding of various approaches to innovation, I am able to provide advice on business strategy, culture, change management, innovation processes, tools, and methods. As a result, if you want to learn how to lead innovation, I am one of the best speakers.

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One of my greatest passions is event speaking, and I’d love to share my experience at your next event. I’d love to work with you for other event-related work, such as event moderation, innovation panelist, and workshop host, whether it’s a corporate event or a business conference.


I’m also available to assist if you need other creativity speakers or a lineup of multiple top innovation speakers. My network includes some of the world’s best innovation speakers and futurists, and I’d love to collaborate with you to create the ultimate event on professional innovation!


My keynotes on innovation and creativity can be delivered both offline and online, in Dutch or English.

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