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Storytelling is a fantastic way to share and inspire! I have experiences to draw upon and share – the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’re looking for an experienced and inspiring speaker – look no further. I’d love to work with you for other event-related work, such as event moderation, innovation panelist, and workshop host. 

real-life stories

from personal experience

Speaking at events is one of my greatest passions. Thanks to my practical experience, I can provide you with enough examples and share both successes as well as mistakes, from which you will learn. 


This ensures that my keynotes remain lively, interesting and recognizable for everyone. In addition to my healthy dose of humor and personal anecdotes, I always use supportive and highly visual slides and videos to keep everyone engaged throughout the presentation. 


This can be done offline as well as online and in Dutch or English.


Some example keynotes

From a spark to a raging fire

At one of our pizza sessions, the topic was "Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship", Roel was one of two speakers and his coverage of how to create an intrapreneurial mindset within large corporations was truly inspiring. Days after I have been contacted by NS colleagues and his talk is rated among the highest of all pizza sessions. Based on his own experiences he delivered a presentation full of positive energy, motivating the audience to start innovating, discuss among themselves and become an intrapreneur. Thanks Roel to inspire us to think outside the box.
iwan eising
Dutch Railway company (NS)

Pirates in the Navy

Roel gave a great keynote presentation at the KWS Group on effectively innovating in corporate environments. His presentation provided lots of food for thought regarding the differences of how innovative behavior is incentivized in small startup companies (Pirates) versus bigger corporates (the Navy). The audience also very much appreciated the helpful and practical innovation tools and methodologies which Roel shared during his presentation. The analogy to the Hollywood blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean” with many funny quotes was simply great and kept everybody highly engaged during the entire workshop. Overall a very inspiring and motivating keynote which I would highly recommend to everyone involved in corporate innovation. Thanks, Roel!
Stefan Schwarz
KWS Group

10 Rules of Innovation Management

I wished more innovation professionals would listen to Roel de Vries. So much to learn from this man. We at HYPE, and especially the marketing team, worked very closely with Roel as he is both a seasoned practitioner AND a very open and outgoing character. More than once, we asked him to get on stage, physically and virtually, to share his knowledge with other clients. And each time he rocked the show not only by theory-backed, deep practical insights, but also by fantastic presentations, both in terms of slides and stage presence.
Michel Meisterjahn
HYPE Innovation

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