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Many companies struggle to turn their employees into autonomous intrapreneurs. And that’s a shame! Your hands-on people with their feet on the ground know best what is going on and where improvement is needed. And most often, they are very willing to share their ideas to help the company forward. But those ideas then aren’t validated or developed, leaving them in this hunch state that management cannot decide upon. 



With the Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox (TILT), you turn your employees into independent innovators! TILT is about creating innovative habits. It’s not a one-directed training that ends up in your drawer. It’s an applied learning approach to develop intrapreneurs that can independently generate value for your company!

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participants' feedback

“It gave a real insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what it takes to succeed an, and not judge failures."
“The program is revolutionary! I really feel the business has placed great trust and a significant investment in me and makes me driven to repay that!”
“It gave me a complete understanding of how to build an initial idea into a fully rounded proposal.”




Our basic approach exists of three boxes:

1. Ideate

2. Incubate

3. Implement



Each box has standard learning, application, and reflection cards based on proven methods and frameworks.


The incubate box works according to a canvas that serves as the basis for the final pitch to decision-makers. Each canvas section comes with cards that guide your people through step-by-step instructions.

    One size does not fit all. We believe in and will provide you with a completely tailored solution.  The box(es), the canvas, the cards, and the tools.


Turning your staff into independent intrapreneurs requires the approach to be aligned to your ambitions, your decision-making criteria, and your organization as a whole. 

applied reflective learning

training approach

The TILT content and training setup are according to our LAR-model: Learn – Apply – Reflect.


Each section has a Learning card to set the scene and provide explanations. Then there are Application cards to instruct students on specific actions. Finally, there are Reflection cards to make the learnings last.

validation baked in


TILT comes with various exercises and assignments to teach them how to validate their ideas on Desirability, Feasibility, Viability and even Sustainability.


They’ll be able to assess their ideas and don’t bother decision-makers unless they hit the innovation sweet spot!

how would this work?

four support levels


A two-day workshop to identify the process and tools needed for a company-specific Intrapreneurship training


Digital design and writing services to achieve a company-specific look & feel for the boxes and every action card


Production, assembly and delivery service of the company-specific boxes, action cards and tools


Delivery of the Intrapreneurship training and coaching directly to participants (also as train-the-trainer approach)

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