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Pitch training

Learn how to present your business idea to executive decision makers and investors. Coming up with a brilliant idea is one thing; delivering a memorable presentation is another. This course will help you prepare your perfect idea pitch, teach persuasive presentation skills, and turn you into a credible speaker. 



Customer feedback

"Everything was great, the participants, and we as innovation team are very happy with the results."
Your feedback was crucial, not only to make things look nicer but how to present validated data. We really appreciate your support!"
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Pitch training?

A brilliant idea!

No matter how fantastic your creative thinking is, even the best ideas need to be communicated in a way it persuades senior managers to invest. It’s a good and proven effort to practice your new business pitch with external expertise to evaluate and revise your presentation. 


During this pitch course, we’ll tackle the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW to pitch after which we’ll provide further insights during individual rehearsal sessions. Making you able to build and present your best pitch ever!

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Presentation success

Idea pitch techniques

Delivering a compelling pitch in front of an audience can be scary, and you’re not likely to succeed without proper preparation. During your big idea pitch, you’ll have to convince and get people to invest in your innovation. The first part of this course will explain the various pitch types, provide you with a framework on how to pitch an idea, and help you learn how to deliver your presentation. An interactive session with videos and quizzes that can be held online or offline.

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Pitch rehearsal

Become a successful presenter

After the pitch and presentation training workshop, you’ll have time to make a pitch and deliver that during an interactive rehearsal session. The trainer will pretend to be a decision maker and ask questions to help you practice for your real-world business pitch. You’ll also receive content-based feedback to refine your presentation (slides), and hints to polish your storytelling and charisma. 

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Your takeaways

From this course

The Perfect Pitch (powerpoint download)

Public speaking techniques 

Checklist handout

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