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Business Model Innovation

Are you looking to give your business a competitive edge? Do you want to stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced business world? Then join the Business Model Innovation training!


In this three-day program, you’ll learn how to make your business better. You’ll learn from experts and perform practical exercises to help you apply what you learn to your business. By the end of the program, you’ll know how to make positive changes to your business and grow it. This is a great opportunity to improve your business, so sign up for our Business Model Innovation training today!

Business model innovation training


Roel is very passionate in delivery of topics of his expertise. His insights provided during training of Business Model Innovation was thought provoking.
Roel successfully built upon my knowledge base on Innovative business models that I gained through my Management courses.
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Content overview

Business Model Innovation Course

The course is delivered according to the below framework and contains all modules, but may deviate somewhat from the planning due to the interactive assignments and as mutually agreed.


Day 1

Introduction to Business Model Innovation

Day 2

Developing New Business Models

Day 3

Testing and Scaling Successful Business Models

Overall, the training will provide a comprehensive overview of the business model innovation process, from identifying and assessing potential innovations to implementing and scaling successful business model innovations. You’ll be able to analyze your current company or project and get access to well organized tools that’ll help you find innovative ways to create new offerings.


We’ll discuss a large number of case studies on business makeover projects like Nespresso, Hilti, and AirBNB. These will provide a deep dive into upfront reasoning as well as the later effects of changing business practices.


You’ll earn a certificate upon completing the course.


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previous participants'


The course learning objectives were accomplished
The course improved my understanding of the topic
The knowledge and skills learned will be helpful
I found the course materials easy to navigate
The course materials supported my learning
The course leader enhanced my learnings
The trainer used a range of learning styles
I was actively involved and engaged during the course
The session timings were well managed
I'd attend other courses with the same course leader
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for whom?

course audience

This training suits business owners, (strategic) managers, innovators, and other professionals looking to grow and sustain their business models and accelerate company growth. It is also ideal for entrepreneurs looking to create a new business and that want to learn how to develop and test innovative business models.


This training is suitable for people from a wide range of industries and sectors, as the concepts and techniques covered in the training apply to businesses of all sizes and types.


Whether you are an innovation officer, a business unit manager in a large corporation, an SME owner, or a (corporate) entrepreneur looking to start a new venture, this training will provide you with the tools to develop your business model and stay ahead of the competition.

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when and where?


This three-day course may be delivered as in-company training or a public learning program with open registration. Check out the scheduled courses below or get in touch to discuss the in-company training and/or any other queries you may have.


An on-site training at your business premise.

Advised for companies that want to prevent travel or organise the same training for multiple trainee groups.


An off-site training at a memorable location.

Advised for individuals (also from one company) that want to benefit from being away from the office and/or networking.


You can currently register for the following training dates:


June 6-8, September 12-14, december 12-14

Cupola XS, Haarlem, The Netherlands€ 2750,- (excl. VAT)


Lunch and materials included

Travel and hotel excluded