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Training & Workshops

As experienced innovation management practitioners, we can accomplish great things together. We’ll tackle idea management from A to Z to get the most from your crowdsourcing initiatives. 


We go beyond creating an advisory slide deck and leaving you to it. We’ll provide you with practical, hands-on examples and tips to create a collaborative culture. 


Together we’ll learn how to use the collective intelligence best, creating tangible value for your company.

Training & Workshops

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We understand that every company is different and not a single innovation management program is alike. When just starting your journey, you may lack confidence, feel puzzled, or experience loneliness even. Later in your journey, you probably want to level up your activities, dive deeper into best practices and further push the (measurable) value generated. No worries, we got you!

Check out some of the topics below we can help you with, and let’s get in touch to align if and how we can best support you!

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Idea- & Innovation Management Canvas

Campaign preparation | Planning | Process | Team assessment | Communications

Kickbox Booster

Kickbox facilitation | Content definition | Facilitator keynote template

Measuring Innovation

Reporting | Activities | Processing | (Non)Financials

Ideation Facilitator

Workshop Facilitation | Creativity methods | Energizers

Campaign Communications

Promotion | Engagement | Insights-based improvements

Idea Development

Prototyping | Business casing | Validation | Pitching


Interview questionnaire | Problem definition | Goals & Ambitions | Follow-up agreement

Foundations of Idea- & Innovation Management

Program | People | Process | Platform


Idea assessment | Evaluation approaches | Criteria | Next steps

Online moderation

Moderator personalities | Engage organically | Idea growth | Divergent & Convergent Thinking

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