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The world is changing at a breakneck pace. Established businesses are not always able to keep up and are overtaken by startups. Entire industries are being disrupted, and new technologies are replacing human labor. 


According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs reports, people need creativity and innovation skills. Analytical thinking and innovation, Complex problem solving, Critical thinking and analysis, and Creativity, originality, and initiative are all among the top five skills that people will require in 2025. 

Many people, however, do not consider themselves to be innovative. Furthermore, studies have shown that as we age, our creativity declines. However, innovation and creativity can be taught and improved. With a well-defined framework and understanding of which innovation methodologies to use when you see that anyone can contribute to your innovation efforts. 



The end-to-end innovation process can and should include various innovation methods. Design Thinking to empathize with the end user and source new ideas. The iterative Lean Startup method to validate your prototype(s) and continuously optimize it, and agile thinking to manage your innovation pipeline (or portfolio) and scale your best bets. 


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Our training combines hands-on experience with theoretical models and insights and is delivered in a visual and interactive format. In addition to conceptual knowledge and real-life examples, you will be challenged with exercises to ensure your learnings last! 


Check out some of the topics we can assist you with below, and get in touch to determine if and how we can best assist you!





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We understand that every company is different and not a single innovation management program is alike. When just starting your journey, you may lack confidence, feel puzzled, or experience loneliness even. Later in your journey, you probably want to level up your activities, dive deeper into best practices and further push the (measurable) value generated. No worries, we got you!


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