Employees as intrapreneurs

The Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox approach

Three toolboxes

Looking to improve your employees’ creativity and innovation skills? Look no further than our Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox (TILT) program! The Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox is an applied corporate entrepreneurship learning program built around a physical toolbox enabling your employees to innovate like startups within your organization. 



TILT is more than just a box. It’s a strategic management framework to foster an entrepreneurial spirit within established companies. It’s a structure to make new business ideas work within an existing organization. It’s the employee’s mentor guiding how to think like an entrepreneur and become more innovative.  

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Intrapreneurship benefits

at virgin media

Check out the below movies on how we facilitated intrapreneurship within Virgin Media, and how their executives and newly formed intrapreneurs share their experiences.

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Employees as intrapreneur?

Tell me more!

Many companies struggle to turn their employees into independent intrapreneurs. And that’s a shame! Your hands-on people with their feet on the ground know best what is going on and where improvement is needed. And most often, they are very willing to share their ideas to help the company forward. But those ideas then aren’t validated or developed, leaving them in this hunch state that management cannot decide upon. 





You turn your employees into independent innovators with the Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox (TILT)! TILT is about creating innovative habits. It’s not a one-directed training that ends up in your drawer. It’s an applied learning approach to develop intrapreneurs that can independently generate value for your company!

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participants' feedback

“It gave a real insight into what it takes to be an entrepreneur, what it takes to succeed an, and not judge failures."
“The program is revolutionary! I really feel the business has placed great trust and a significant investment in me and makes me driven to repay that!”
“It gave me a complete understanding of how to build an initial idea into a fully rounded proposal.”
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Intrapreneurial culture

Manage within your organization

Over 70% of the most transformative innovations over the past 30 years have come from employees working within a corporation i.e. intrapreneurs.  That is on top of the incremental ways to improve customer service, workplace productivity or profits. But one has to recognize it’ often hard to be an intrapreneur within large organizations, with their competitive hierarchies, firm organizational processes and tendency to avoid failure. 


Realizing the concept of intrapreneurship within an organization will foster a culture of innovation and help you stay competitive; both towards your customers as well as your employees and new hires. The Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox program is the perfect approach to cultivate an innovation culture and expose people within the company to new ways of thinking and acting. Like an entrepreneur within the firm! 

Virgin could never have grown into the group of more than 200 companies it is now, were it not for a steady stream of intrapreneurs who looked for and developed opportunities.

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Embed intrapreneurship into your company

Always tailored to your brand and ambitions


Included are standard learning, application, and reflection cards based on proven methods and frameworks.


The boxes work according to a canvas that serves as the basis for the final pitch to decision-makers. Each canvas section comes with instructional cards that guide your people through step-by-step instructions. 


These pragmatic tools help them build and validate their bright ideas, and make sure they present desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable initiatives in their pitches to leadership.

Intrapreneurship Toolbox
Completely tailored

    One size does not fit all. We believe in and will provide you with a completely tailored solution.  The box(es), the canvas, the cards, and the tools.


To enable employees bridging the gap between an initial idea and a profitable solution, requires the approach to be aligned to your ambitions, your decision-making criteria, your industry and your organization as a whole. 

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Facilitate innovation

four support levels

We can help you manage the implementation of the Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox program from start to finish. Each of the four phases below is finished with a completed asset that you can take forward yourself, or ask us to execute.

Bulb level 1


A three-day workshop to identify the process and tools needed for a company-specific Intrapreneurship training

Bulb level 2


Digital design and writing services to achieve a company-specific look & feel for the boxes and every action card

Bulb level 3


Production, assembly and delivery service of the company-specific boxes, action cards and tools

Bulb level 4


Delivery of the Intrapreneurship training and coaching directly to participants (also as train-the-trainer approach)

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customers' feedback

"Roel and his team were fabulous! They were not focused on just selling a product from the shelf. Instead, they guided and supported us to customize and develop an intrapreneurship program according to our needs and infrastructure."
“From the process to the tools, each step was explained and discussed in detail. The best part of this service is that we could obtain a sustainable and long-term program for our organization, in which innovation is one of our main drivers”
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need more?

roundtable recording

On June 28th, 2022, we ran a roundtable about “Teaching and Creating Intrapreneurs.” We shared personal experiences and showed how the Tailored Intrapreneurship Learning Toolbox could help your organization level up people’s innovation skills!


Watch the recording here below.

white paper

Based on ten years of experiences, Roel wrote the white paper “FIVE KEY ELEMENTS TO TURN YOUR PEOPLE INTO INDEPENDENT INTRAPRENEURS.” It includes his most valuable insights about teaching and creating intrapreneurs.


Download the white paper by completing the below form and give yourself a head start!

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