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Roel de Vries

For the most of my career, I’ve been immersed in the world of innovation management. This is where my true affections reside. I founded RiverStoneBlue to aid other businesses in their collaborative innovation initiatives after establishing and running the idea management program at a major, international organization.



Over the last decade, I’ve been actively engaged in people-driven innovation across a broad range of industries, gaining invaluable experience and insight along the way. My goal from here is to work with you to implement this knowledge so that you may better manage your own ideas and innovations.



I have been able to advise firms on how to cultivate a culture of innovation via means such as ideation, incubation, intrapreneurship, and more because of my passion for people-driven innovation and my love of public speaking and education.


There’s a Dutch song called “De Steen” by Bram Vermeulen, that says “I moved a stone in a river on earth. The water now flows different than before.” Repositioning a stone in a river will change the flow forever. 



This was one of the favorite songs of my grandmother and when this was played at her funeral, the dots connected in my head. 



Through our interventions, we level-up your people and through that create an everlasting change to an organization’s flow.


RiverstoneBlue is a blue company in a yellow world. Yellow is about creativity, joy, and excitement. Blue is about processes, value creation, stability.


We help companies to create real value from the fuzzy frontend of innovation