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I have lived and breathed innovation management for the largest part of my career. It’s where my heart lies.

After designing and leading the idea management program at a large, international corporation, I started RiverStoneBlue to help other companies with their collaborative innovation efforts.

For more than a decade now, I’ve been active with people driven innovation at dozens of organizations, giving me this rare combination of broad theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. It’s with that background that I’d like to work together with you, applying this knowledge, supercharging your own idea- and innovation management efforts.

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Since the beginning of my career, I consistently focused on finding new and better ways to grow businesses. During the early stages of my career, I was active in the financial sector until I made a move to the telecommunications industry where I resided ten years. I performed various business development and innovation roles, working for corporates or as an external consultant. During my working life, I also always continued to grow myself as a person. End 2017, I decided to combine and apply all my knowledge and experience as an independent innovation consultant.