My name is Roel

I help companies create real value from bottom-up idea generation and crowdsourcing activities.

We can collaborate!

What I offer

 When working together, I promise to bring my enthusiasm to the table along with my creativity as well as service-oriented and collaborative mindset. With my extensive track record in the front- and backend of innovation – on a strategic, tactical and operational level, we’ll be able to tackle your ideation and innovation challenges together!


Depending on the audience and your request, I can Excite, Enable or Execute


Inspiring management teams and creating awareness via engaging keynotes or sharing stories at (online) conferences.


Equipping innovators and innovation teams with the tools, skills, and know-how on managing and executing innovation.


Taking various efforts from your hands as an interim role and/or to allow learning on the job.

Where I created impact

Clients & Customers

From Roel I received useful input and feedback on the regional vision with regard to innovation and cooperation in the Connect4Care region. Roel has a lot of knowledge about and experience with online innovation, as well as how to involve people with it. Through a rich brainstorm I got very useful tips that were immediately of value! I can warmly recommend Roel as an innovation partner.
Fredrik Knoeff

Reducing CO2 impact


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